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The Theory Test

Do I take my theory test before I sign up for driving lessons?

No, not at all, in fact you should be having driving lessons as you’re studying for the theory test. This will allow you to put what you’re learning into practice on the road. It’s important that you know about safety and regulations whilst you’re learning to drive. Your theory test certificate only lasts for two years. If you don’t pass your practical test within this time you’ll have to start again.


Why do I need to study this?

You’ll be asked 50 questions during your on-screen test. You’ll have to get at least 43 correct before you get a pass certificate and you’ll need that before you can book a practical driving test. It’s important you’re well prepared or else you could be wasting money by having to take the test more than once. Anyway, being well prepared should make you safer on the road which could mean that you’ll pass your driving test sooner.

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